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Numero uno

Posted on: April 23, 2008 4:02 pm
Well, figured since pretty much everyone else in this department is doing these things, I might as well join the pants party. Thing is, my life is pretty boring and I generally don't have time to even think about things other than work and my family, let alone type a blog about them. Oh, and I'm nowhere near as funny as Gonos, so don't expect to laugh much.

I guess I should write mostly about golf, considering that's what I semi-cover here at, so I'll begin with talking about the Byron Nelson this week.

Poor old Byron would turn in his grave if he saw the field this week. Sean O'Hair the top-ranked American? HA! Needless to say, my golf-watching schedule will be the same as it usually is on non-major weeks: watch some Thursday at work, then tune in on Sunday afternoon to see who's leading after two days off. I would watch at home some, but I don't have cable. Yeah, sad, I know. Thing is, I wouldn't have time to watch it anyway if I did have it, so I'm glad I can save the money.

It should only be a one-week nap, however, as plenty of studs are expected to play at the Wachovia next week and the Players Championship the week after that. Of course, Tiger won't be playing in either of those, so the majority of Americans won't be tuning in.

In the Fantasy world, my picks are getting a little better as the weeks go on, but I'm still waiting for that stellar week. I just keep picking the wrong guys for my actual lineup. Maybe this is the magical week.

Just had a thought for my column next week, actually. I think I might spend some time in figuring out which guys make the most money each week in relation to their salary. For instance, Jason Bohn last week made 198k last week, but only cost 75k. That would give him a "value total", shall we call it, of 2.64. Winner Boo Weekley, on the other hand, only had a value total of 1.71. If you can come up with a better name for this number, let me know. If may, if I find the time, figure out which player has the best value total this season so far. Don't hold me to that, however.
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